Image © Dana Robinson – Flicker – 20/11/13

The book of Proverbs asks a lot of women, doesn’t it? How many on this quest are feeling overwhelmed?  Trying to be the perfect wife or mother?  What about church ministry and social affairs?  Are you keeping your house spotless? 

Is it possible to do it all?  Probably not, but in the process of trying, we can learn so much.  I am learning to depend on the Lord for His strength and His knowledge.  I can’ t see His overall plan but the bible does tell me that cares enough about me to know the number of hairs on my head. It tells me that I needn’t worry about the minor details because God is in control. 

I am almost positive that I will never have the perfect marriage, the cleanest house, the smartest children, the most profitable business or the most balanced budget.  God doesn’t expect that of us.  But He does ask that we put forth an effort.  Pick a goal and ask God for the wisdom to follow it through.  Then lean on Him and rest in His peace as you muddle your way through. 

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