Who IS the Proverbs Woman?


 The Bible lays out for us several goals to strive for. Many may  say these are impossible to meet and ask us why we would      even try? For Christian women, Chapter 31 in the book of  Proverbs is a guide to live by.

Who IS the Proverbs Woman?

The wife of noble character (NIV, NLT)
The virtuous woman (KJVR)
A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman (Amplified)

She is creative and resourceful, hardworking and determined. She is a succesful entrepeuner but never solely for her own interests. Rather, she willingly gives back to her family. The Lord has given her what she needs. Though discovering those talents might be a challenge, she hones them to perfection. She is always ready and prepared to do the Lord’s work. She sacrifices for her family.


The virtuous woman ensures that her family and household are well taken care of and she is well kept and presentable. She provides support, respect and encouragement to her husband. The old adage, “behind every successful man is a loving wife” stands true in this woman’s life.


Though I am a long way from being the woman described in this chapter, I see only the benefits in striving to become such a strong, capable, giving, productive being.


Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll join me and grow with me as we walk together on this journey to becoming the Proverbs Woman.

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