Godly Decision-Making

Decision2Our family is faced with a large decision at the moment and the answer isn’t clear to us. We know what we want but we are trying earnestly to seek the Lord; to be objective and walk in his will. We are willing to be obedient even if the answer isn’t the one we hope for. Unfortunately, His will for us isn’t always cut and dried. This is one of those times when we just want to shout out, “Lord, please just tell us what to do!”


Some people believe that every action we take is planned out by God, even before we are born. I know that God plans out our lives but I think He leaves some of the details up to us. I believe as long as we make decisions that honour his name, He’s okay with that. I do think He will guide us if we give Him the opportunity though.


Sometimes, you can lay your decision out on the table, look at the options and see a pretty clear direction. Other times, talking through the options only serves to bring more questions to mind.

Of course it’s important to look at situations from every angle, examining the pros and cons. We need to consider how our decisions will affect our circumstances and the people around us.


The bible tells us to seek wise counsel from other Christians. We are doing that. The bible also tells us to look in the Word for answers. We are doing that too. Doesn’t it also say to be still and to listen to what God has to say? This is the part I have trouble with. I definitely need to learn to wait patiently for his answers.


At the top of my list of favourite bible verses are these:


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6


I am very thankful for these verses as they have helped me to wait through many similar situations. When I am seeking God, and trusting Him fully, I often find that circumstances will shift and that next steps become more well-defined with time.


Are you facing big questions about your future? How do you go about making the tough decisions?

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