Choosing a Direction

DecisionI am amazed at the industriousness of the Proverbs wife. Yes, she has servants, a situation that could easily breed laziness but this isn’t the case for the Virtuous Woman. Her list of accomplishes continues to grow because she rises before dawn and works well into the night.


I wonder how she decided where to focus her energy. Sometimes my brain, incapable of absorbing everything I am interested in or need to learn, feels very close to imploding upon itself. Whether the topic is internet marketing or website optimization to further my husband’s business, appropriate homeschool curriculum for my children or online piano lessons for myself, information is alway accessible.


Perhaps the Proverbs woman had an easier time without the constant influx of knowledge and lack of Google-centred technology. Unfortunately, all of this access to information can keep us from what is truly important. She likely had fewer options, so she made her choice and asked someone to show her what she needed to know. I’m sure there was very little research, no complicated marketing plans and much relationship development along the way. Although she was strong and independent, I am almost positive that this woman prayed and allowed herself to be led by God and her husband. She knew what she had to do and she got down to business.


In time, I am learning to listen. After accomplishing my goals and becoming established in my career, God decided He had a different plan. I am learning more every day about the person He is helping me to become and though she is nothing like I expected, I am truly enjoying the journey.


So, am I finding my direction? As I am writing this, I am thinking that I need to find focus in some very specific areas. When I am through here, I am going to make a list to help me establish my short-term priorities. For the next 30 days, I will devote most of my energy to only one goal in each category:


1. My Relationship with God

2. My Marriage

3. My Children

4. My Church and Community

5. Myself


Where are you in the process of choosing your direction? Are you already settled or have you been tossing ideas around for a long time? How do you prioritize? I know that I will be inspired by your ideas.

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