5 Ways for a Wife & Mother to Glorify God

“The chief end of man is to

glorify God and enjoy him forever.”


I’ve heard this quote before, but yesterday it jumped out at me twice, once from a book and a again, later in the day, in a completely unrelated podcast. Hmmm. I think maybe God wants me to hear this.


What does it mean to glorify God?

As wives and moms, often we are just struggling to get through the day. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been consciously thinking about how to glorify God in the process. What does this mean? How can I glorify God? How can I praise Him and bring honour to His name in everything I do? How can I show others how He is working in my life? As I reflected on these questions, several areas came to mind.


Glorifying God in the Everyday Moments


In Our Quiet Time – Usually, I find that if I get this right in the morning, the rest of the day more naturally falls into place. Often we go to God with our list of prayers for ourselves and others. He definitely wants to hear our concerns and meet our needs but what if we spent more time honouring Him and thanking Him for the blessings we have received?


With Our Spouse – During our pre-marriage counselling, our pastor told my husband and I that we were each to be the other’s project for the duration of our marriage, helping the other to become more like Jesus. In our busy lives, it’s easy to nag, distance ourselves and focus more on the children. We need to remember to lift our husbands up though. As Christian wives, are we encouraging our husbands to be the best they can be?


With Our Children – As a mom of a boy who marches to the beat of his own drummer, I get very frustrated with the pace of life. It seems like we are always in a hurry and he is always about 12 steps behind. God is really working on me though, in the area of gentle discipline. Is the next door neighbour seeing the kind heart of Jesus as I buckle the kids in their carseats when we are already five minutes late for church? I’m working on that …


In Our Home – I never expected to be a stay-at-home (work-at-home?) mom. I was going to be the super-career mom who did it all! Little did I know, God would lay a calling on my heart to do something very different. Many Christian moms struggle with raising one or two or ten kids, managing a household and often the family finances. Some operate or help with small businesses or work outside the home so home organization can absolutely be a challenge. I don’t think every sheet should be ironed or every meal prepared from scratch, but I do think we can honour God by setting priorities, doing our share without complaining, watching the time we spend on unfulfilling time wasters and asking for help before we are completely overwhelmed.


In Our Ministry – Whether your ministry is teaching your children in the home, children’s ministry, visiting seniors, writing or speaking, or any other myriad of possibilities, you can have an impact for Christ. Wherever you are connecting with people, you have opportunities to show kindness, compassion and encouragement. These characteristics all bring glory to our Father.


The bible tells us:

Work hard and cheerfully, at whatever you do, as though you are working for the Lord and not for people.

Colossians 3:23


We all have different structures in our family, varying schedules and commitments and alternative viewpoints, so we will each find our own ways of giving glory to God in the little things.


I would love to hear your categories and specific examples. Feel free to share your comments below.


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